Synthesis Reports

Electricity Supply in 2050 - Findings from the SCCER-SoE

Where does the electricity come from that we conveniently draw from the socket and will need for more and more things in 2050? And how can this additional electricity be generated without harming the climate? These questions were investigated by 25 Swiss scientific institutions, industrial companies and federal authorities within the framework of the Swiss Competence Centre for Energy Research - Electricity Supply (SCCER-SoE).

In addition to overarching scenarios for electricity supply, the SCCER-SoE focused on the potential of geothermal and hydropower today and in the future, and how these technologies can contribute to a climate-neutral Switzerland by 2050. In addition, the SCCER-SoE investigated what possibilities the Swiss underground offers for the storage of CO2, a necessary measure to achieve the goal of net zero emissions.

The findings of the SCCER-SoE were summarised in four Synthesis Reports. They were presented on a virtual media event on 1 September 2021 and are available for download in the ETH Research Collection.